This is the most exclusive club in Madrid that you can only access if you stay at your hotel

If someone wanted to surprise someone else - well, if possible - there is a corner in Madrid worthy of the highest grossing movies where she or he ends up with a hotel card, a room number and a plan. In Madrid you can enjoy an almost unknown place, only accessible with a VIP pass: a black key, linked to a reservation of rooms whose prices range between 500 euros a night in low season and from 800 euros a night in high season.

Culinary Encyclopedia of the Marquise de Parabere

I imagine that many of you know the two books that make up this Culinary Encyclopedia of the Marquise de Parabere. The full kitchen and confectionery and pastry. First an anecdote, María Mestayer de Echagüe really was not the Marquise de Parabere. She really used the name in an honorary way since the Marques was her cousin Joaquín Aguirre Echagüe (1866 - 1903).

The definitive guide to spring products. Recommendations and many recipes in which to use them

Nowadays it is easy to buy all kinds of food at any time of the year. Thanks to globalization we can eat, as the song says, "oranges in August and grapes in April". All this with a high economic and environmental cost, not to mention organoleptic. We take advantage of the beginning of spring to touch this theme again and recommend, once again, the consumption of seasonal foods.

Rest silicone spoons

One of the accessories that are most regularly recycled in our kitchen, is the resting spoons. We are not going to look guilty, but there are many times in which it has been divided into several portions, so currently the function of the spoon rest is played by a dish, curiously intact. For a long time we were looking for one that would be part of our kitchen for a longer time and thanks to Compradicción we have found it, a resting silicone spoons.

Grilled cheese, scamorza, provolone and goat recipe

An example of a perfect dinner for a weekend (which we are supposed to spend the night) is this recipe for grilled cheese, scamorza, provolone, goat, which I present today. It's about placing an electric iron in the center of the table, around it cheeses, salads, bread, some meat, maybe roast potatoes, maybe some seafood ... it depends on the day.

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Penne rigate with chicken Bolognese and fresh sausages: original pasta recipe

Every week I include a pasta recipe on my home menu and one of the challenges I face is getting it different every time. There are days that I change the type of pasta and others the filling with which I prepare the sauce. Today I want to show you this penne rigate recipe with chicken Bolognese and fresh sausages because it has been a combination that we liked so much.

Chocolate making machine

We have found a machine that will tempt chocolate lovers. This is Elta Chocolatera, a high-strength steel utensil in which we can make our favorite chocolates and add the ingredients that we like most, hazelnuts, almonds, rum, raisins, orange, etc.

Walk through the gastronomy of the Network: Cups, cups, cups!

The month of July begins, in it warmth, beaches and cravings for fast and fresh foods both sweet and savory. That is why today, it is my turn to bring you the Walk through the gastronomy of the network, I wanted to dedicate it to the little glasses, small portions in glass that make the food much more attractive served in them.

Biscay cod (cod with peppers). Recipe

Today I bring you some fish, cod and a very typical recipe from the north, tasty, light and moderately simple. Of course, you will need at least an hour to do it and some time to desalinate the cod, so you will need some days or a weekend. Ingredients for 4 people: To make the recipe you will need 4 pieces of salted cod loin, 4 medium onions, 1 tomato, 5 red peppers, a head of garlic, oil, salt and cod stock.

Xató or Xatonada recipe

The xató or xatonada is a typical dish from the Garraf and Penedés area, on the Catalan coast. It is a salad in which local products are used and is seasoned with the delicious romesco sauce. We like this sauce so much, that when I prepare it I always make more of the bill to use it in other recipes, such as grilled vegetables.

The best of Direct to the Palate Answers XVII

We already have here a new summary with the best of your questions and your contributions to those of other readers in our Community of Direct to the Palate Answers. As I always do every fifteen days, I wanted to remind you that this section is very interesting for everyone since it allows you to solve your doubts and at the same time helps us publishers to know which topics interest you most.

How to easily make clear and intense tasting tomato water

Have you ever tried tomato water? I am not referring to crushed tomato or tomato juice of an intense red color, but to tomato water, without coloring and with a flavor and aroma so intense that they leave you speechless. In this recipe I teach you how to easily make transparent tomato water with intense flavor, using three different techniques so that you use the one that convinces you most.

Comparison of canned homemade fried tomatoes

Personally it seems to me a contradiction that the word homemade appears on the label of a can or a can of food, but I suppose the "style" bag that accompanies the fried tomatoes of this comparison of canned homemade fried tomatoes that I have prepared for you exempts them from being really homemade.

Naiades The other side of the Verdejo

Well, if a few days ago we proposed the option of Naia, today we put on the table his older brother, and there we already become serious, since Naiades, a Wheel with aging in wooden barrels, is a great wine. We had already made reference to the former Orowines group, founder of the Bodega Naia, a group formed by a triumvirate that dominated the world of wine in three vital aspects, elaboration (Javier Alén de Viña Mein), marketing (Jorge Ordóñez, recognized importer of Spanish wines to the US) and communication (Victor Rodríguez, critic and specialized journalist).

The chocolate decorated with holograms arrives

Chocolate is not only a delicious product but it can also be the basis for creating all kinds of shapes and decorations that in many cases reach the luxury category. We have seen many different examples of how chocolate can be decorated, but now we have a new technique that goes one step further: chocolate decorated with holograms arrives.

San Sebastián Gastronomika 2011 bets on evolutionary, emerging and diverse gastronomies

Already in April we were able to advance some news about the development of San Sebastián Gastronomika 2011, such as the invited countries (Peru, Mexico and Brazil), or the dates on which it will take place, on 20, 21, 22 and November 23. More details were known yesterday, as it was the official presentation of the congress, which in its new edition will place some of the parallel activities in the Basque Culinary Center.